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D&AD New Blood Academy 2022

A collaborative project with a team of creatives from D&AD's New Blood Academy of 2022 for Adidas.

This project explored the concept of promoting sport to young women in key cities around the globe and bringing attention to issues facing young women in the sports.

visual one.jpg

The Concept

Sport : Powerlifting

City : London

Issue: Social media and online hate

To address the concept of online hate towards young women in sport, we chose to create a set of Weights that were printed with the hate comments found aimed at women currently partaking in competitive sports, to showcase the need for social change in the viewpoints of women partaking in sports.

A public exhibition of Large scale weights were proposed to be set in relevant areas around London as part of the campaign marketing.

adidas london oxford 2.jpg

As part of this project I was tasked with creating 3D mockups of the assets and creating a set of stills and animation, to showcase the proposed designs in a variety of situations, including large scale weights for exhibition purposes, a regular use weights.

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